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Media Masters Privacy Policy

About Media Masters

Media Masters is in the business of providing photography and video services for media production. This includes photography and video services for commercial and residential real estate. The delivery of these services also includes the use of drones.

Personal Information

Personal information is defined in the Privacy Act 2020 as information about an identifiable individual who is a natural person. Where an individual is included in the imagery collected, personal information is collected if it is possible to identify the individual, including by a process of deduction.

Application of the Privacy Act 2020

The Privacy Act 2020 only applies where personal information is collected.

Photographs and Video of Property

Photographs and video that include a property, but do not include any individuals, do not include any information about an identifiable individual, and therefore are not subject to the Privacy Act 2020. There is no requirement to blur or edit out a property.

Photographs and Video Inside a Dwelling

People have a reasonable expectation of privacy inside a dwelling, unless the inside of the dwelling can be readily seen from a public place. At the height and angle that we use a drone, we cannot see inside the windows of a dwelling. This means that we do not collect personal information from inside a property that is adjacent to the area we are photographing or filming.

Photographs and Video of Individuals

Media Masters analyses imagery collected to identify whether there are any potentially identifiable individuals. If there are then the individuals are, if possible, edited out of the imagery. If an individual is not identifiable or is edited or blurred out of the imagery then we are not required to inform the individual.

If an individual remains identifiable then we will inform that individual of the matters required by Information Privacy Principle 3 in the Privacy Act 2020.

Photographs and Video in Public Places

Photographs and video taken in public places may include identifiable individuals. The Information Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 2020 provide that we are not required to inform an individual if the personal information is publicly available or if it is not reasonably practicable to inform the individual.

Further Information

If you have any questions, you can contact Media Masters’ Privacy Officer at